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May 06

Using Luke with ElasticSearch

Luke overview

If you’ve used Lucene or Solr before, you might be familiar with Luke, a Lucene tool for viewing and modifying indexes.  Luke was originally written by Andrzej Bialecki as a side project, and is an indispensable debugging tool for digging into the guts of an index (for example, to see exactly which tokens were stored on a …

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Feb 01

Essential tools for web developers

This post focuses on web development tools, specifically Firefox extensions.

Jul 18

Introducing Omnibug

Omnibug is a tool for web developers.  I wrote it because debugging an Omniture implementation is… painful. The idea is that web metrics (or webanalytics, if you’re so inclined) systems generally make an HTTP request (usually an image) in order to pass along tracking information.  The URLs contain lots of parameters, conveniently URL-encoded so you …

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May 21

Load flags

Mozilla’s load flags defined (useful in tamper data): http://www.xulplanet.com/references/xpcomref/ifaces/nsIRequest.html